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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Lifestory

Dear Readers,

     Welcome to my blog. This blog is about my daily and past experiences in my life. With out further ado, let us begin with an introduction to who I am.

I came to this world as Oswaldo Mann Bolanos Jr. I was born with heart conditions, ADHD, ADD, autism and anxiety. My parent were Jeanette Mann Bolanos and Oswaldo Lazarin Bolanos. We lived in a small house in the outskirts of San Antonio, TX. However, this unity did not last long because my father was a perpetual alcoholic and he would physically abuse my mother. During this time, my mother had two miscarriages and my brother named Patricio Mann Bolanos was born with major heart conditions.

My own brother whom I had though would have played by my side did not live even a month. Sometimes I weep for my lost brother, people didn't even know I still grieved for him, but I need not now. Therefore, it is because I will meet him again in heaven. How I long for that day! Where all my family can be unified in peace without strife!

After Patricio past away my mother had enough of my father's raging temper and divorced him, taking the surviving children, myself and my sister Mercy. For a few years we had peace, but the day came when CPS came to the door because my mother's boyfriend, Gilbert Trevino, had broken my sisters arm, the circumstances of which was in high speculation.

 A court order was issued that ordered Mr.Trevino to keep away from our family, but a month later, Gilbert Trevino was found drunk on the San Antonio streets with Mercy in his custody, whom was found wandering off in the distance. San Antonio's Children Shelter took my sister and took me a week latter because my mother disobeyed a direct court order.

A few months after, I was placed in the foster care system under the care of Jesse and Esperanza Munoz. Here I meet my foster siblings Richard, Arthur, and Joshua Reyna. We had much fun together for about four God blessed years. Then I was put up for adoption.

Only four families were interested in adopting us. The first family was from Ohio, but it was so long ago the family name has slipped my mind. The others were the Regenshied, Warzecha, and Graf families. These names I remember because they had much significance.

 When I first meet Glen and Tammy Regenshied, I was led to believe they really wanted me as a part of their family household. This was a big lie because I learned later from unknown sources from CPS in Texas that Glen and Tammy had wanted to adopt us because they wanted the money that was supposed to be used for our needs and necessities. It also turned out that they hated Hispanics and was using CPS in Texas as a source of enslaved farmhands. I do not know if what they did was illegal at the time, but if I did I would have gone to a court of law. It was the year 2007 when this shameful act was performed.

 Once they knew I was born with a heart condition that prohibited me from strenuous work, their whole attitude towards us changed. The children of the Regenshieds, Shaun and John yelled racial slurs towards us and struck my on many occasions. I was ran over with ATVs, thrown out of the bed of a fast moving truck so hard that I burst blood from my nose. This was a serious offense because I was not even under their guardianship. I was a ward of the state at the time. Also I was shot at by air rifles, Bb guns, paintball guns (aimed at the head and groin), and stoned with big rocks.

The main person who took a big effort in my daily torture was Shaun. It was he, after tying me to the back of his ATV, that he would pummel my groin with fists. My groin had turned black and blue and when I reported this abuse to their parents they turned a blind eye. A few months later I was taken and placed in the Warzechas.

The Warzechas were an angel of a family they loved us for who we were and cared not about our racial differences. I made many dear friends and for a change I did not need to fear, except when  the older children watch a horror movie, of course.

This also did not last because CPS did not agree that the Warzechas could adopt us. I was sent into foster care, but was placed the Edwards family in Austin, TX. I was happy here and I attended school grades 6-11 while I was here. A day came when I was told that a lady by the name of Alison Graf of Collingswood, NJ was interested in adopting me. I accepted and it turned out that my foster siblings from the Munoz home would be my real siblings. My name was changed to Oswaldo Alan Graf since inam not a Bolanos no longer but a Graf. Now I am still residing with them, but I am headed to Job Corps for Culinary Arts in the all too near future. This is a complete epic of my current life. I hope I showed you that you can find the right family in time and I urge you to treat foster, adopted, and culturally diverse children as you do with yourself.

Thanks for reading,

Oswaldo Alan Graf

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